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Homoeopathy is a holistic science and hence removes the disease from the root. First of all the doctor finds out the complete history of the patient right from his childhood, his/her family details and also the mental frame. This is followed by the examinaion of the Patient.

These medicines are pure and natural and completely free of side effects. Homoeopathic medicines contain No Steroids and it does not cause initial aggravation as per popular belief.

Homoeopathy can root out Bronchitis, Sinusitis, ENT allergies, Tonsillitis, Gynaecological ailments, Urinary infection, Gastritis, can help most Paediatric cases, Skin ailments, Headaches, Aches and Pains, Migraines ETC.

Thus Homoeopathy offers complete cure.

Homoeopathy offers treatments for:

      Allergy       Asthma
      Skin Diseases       Body Pain
      Joint Pain       Back Pain
      Fever       Cold
      High Cholesterol       Migraine
      Vitiligo       General Weakness
      Renal calculus       Piles, Fissure
      Corn       Mental diseases
      Psoriasis       Blood pressure
      Diabetes       Ganglion
      Bronchitis       Eczema
      ENT Allergies       Warts, Molluscum
      Gynecological aches and pains       Sinusitis
      Nasal polyp       Tonsillitis, Adenoiditis
      Pimples       Acidity
  • Diseases of women – Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhoea, Irregular period, PCOD, Thyroid dysfunction


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